Anne McAllister breaks out of series romance with a gusto her fans will love in The Great Montana Cowboy Auction. How do you bring a man back to the ranch after he's taken Hollywood by storm? For the good folk of Elmer, Montana, the answer is to whip up a cowboy auction with Sloan Gallagher in the starring role.

Sloan's a reluctant participant; only if the auction's rigged and he knows he can go home with Polly McMaster will he take on the role. But playing house with Polly makes for one hot-blooded, soft-hearted cowboy longing to leave his boots at her door forever. McAllister loves cowboys and it shows and if you've never read one of her great western series novels, you're gonna love McAllister.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.


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