While women are increasingly getting involved these days in do-it-yourself maintenance and repair, men are still the main tool-wielders and fixer-uppers in the home and out in the garage. Sandor Nagyszalanczy's The Homeowner's Ultimate Tool Guide: Choosing the Right Tool for Every Home Improvement Job is a simply fabulous oversized paperback featuring striking color photos of, and detailed commentary on, every modern-day tool imaginable, from carpentry, electrical, plumbing and automotive uses to drywall, demolition, painting and roofing uses. The author presents a bounty of endlessly useful descriptions of tool types, subdivided by function (tools that grab, shape, shave, saw, snip, drill, pound, sharpen, grind, measure and so on). The text is supplemented by valuable sidebars on safety, work tips for specific jobs, and additional details on particular models of tools, including advice on when to rent for that irregular project versus making a purchase that will last a lifetime of home improvements. The Homeowner's Ultimate Tool Guide would be a fabulous gift for that special guy who knows what he's doing around the house and enjoys doing it with the utmost efficiency.

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