One cannot examine the development of either Jewish or Christian faith without considering the greatest hero of the Jewish nation, King David. The Life of David, by former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky, presents a philosophical and at times poetic journey through the life of David. In this entry from the new Jewish Encounters series, Pinsky explores both the historic David as well as the mythic and religious impact of his life. Using the Biblical account as his guide, Pinsky focuses not only on who David was, but what he meant to the Hebrew people, both during his own lifetime and today. Shepherd boy, kingmaker's protŽgŽ, legendary hero, poet, musician, rebel, traitor, friend, tyrant, father, adulterer, murderer and a man after God's own heart. All these descriptions can be applied to David, and Pinsky skillfully examines what they tell us about David, his world, his people and their mutual faith.

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