Does stress send you straight to the cookie jar? Is a dinner just not complete without a slice or two of sourdough bread nestled alongside your linguine? If so, chances are, according to nutritionist Adele Puhn, you're a Sugar Baby with a case of "metabolic mix-up," or an extraordinary carbohydrate sensitivity. Puhn, author of a previous bestseller, The Five-Day Miracle Diet, returns to corral our sugar cravings with The Midlife Miracle Diet: Tame Your Insulin Resistance. This book's impassioned message urges everyone, young and old, toward a radical reduction of carbohydrates in their diets. Heart disease and diabetes are on the rise in the United States, Puhn says, and carbohydrates, with their inherent sugars, are the culprits.

Puhn, a committed advocate for vibrant health and longevity, clearly explains the dangers of a metabolism unbalanced by carbohydrate addiction. Her plan outlines the basics and benefits of assessing and controlling blood sugar, provides easy dietary guidelines with food lists and five days' worth of sample menus, and emphasizes the integral importance of supplements and regular exercise. To further prove her case, she includes a comprehensive source list of scientific research that supports her findings.

So, does this mean a life without pasta, without bread? No, says Puhn, just be "carb careful," and don those walking shoes. Alison Hood is a freelance writer based in San Rafael, California.

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