Don't let her list of credentials and accomplishments intimidate you. Sure, Jane Buckingham (author of The Modern Girl's Guide to Life, based on her Style Network show of the same name) has it all: beauty, success, a fulfilling career and a happy family. But her writing style makes a mother feel like she's talking to a funny, down-to-earth girlfriend. In The Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood, Buckingham strikes an empathetic tone as she offers frank and often funny advice on a variety of topics and practical solutions for common problems from birth to age four. A section on party ideas is particularly handy, succinct and right on the money. The author writes with flair and style on subjects ranging from the essential pre-baby shopping spree to the first play date. Her list of must-haves closely resembles Hobey's in Working Gal's Guide, proving that great parents think alike.

Trial and error is part of the process, but this informative, fun guide designated a Mod Mom Survival Guide will help make the trials less trying. Buckingham puts new mothers at ease with her insight into the oh-so-inexact science of parenting when she writes, You will make mistakes, and you will have regrets, but that's just part of being a parent. Katherine Wyrick is a writer in Little Rock and the mother of two.

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