The village people Ah, Brittany, a land of wild moors, jagged coastlines, skies that quickly change from sunny to angry, and enchanting legend. (Some say that King Arthur and his noble knights roamed the forests of this region of Northern France.) In The Most Beautiful Villages of Brittany (Thames and Hudson, $40, 0500019355), author James Bentley skillfully captures the romance and charm of this land of contrasts. With the help of photographer Hugh Palmer, he offers a glimpse into this special region as diverse as it is beautiful the Emerald Coast of verdant valleys, the sandy beaches of the Corniche de L'Armorique, the salty marshes of the Guerande, ancient fishing villages, and the spectacular green of the countryside. Now you can journey, without leaving your chair, to this land of vibrant color, quiet allure, and intriguing history.

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