For motivational speaker and self-help guru Judith Wright, creating a luxuriant life depends on something far more important than conspicuous material consumption. In The One Decision: Make the Single Choice that Will Lead to a Life of MORE, Wright outlines a plan for realizing your heart's deepest desires, which she describes as the greater MORE. To find more in life, she says, people must make a single commitment a life stand or One Decision. She leads readers through a 10-faceted prism, looking at the key qualities of adventure, desire, decision, truth, heart, presence, quest, keys to the kingdom, allies and the good fight then follows up with a 30-day plan to guide readers toward making the One Decision to lead a more meaningful life. Wright makes a compelling case that a life of more is about being alive, conscious, engaged. It's not about being perfect. . . . It is a constant state of becoming more me.

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