There is a certain armchair-traveler appeal to Lonely Planet's The Perfect Day, in which LP contributors (see the mug shots at the end of the book) each get a page to tell how they'd spend a day in their favorite city. If the sun is obscured and the breeze blizzard-like, that sucks but at least tickets are easier to come by, one says of a day in Chicago, adding, I order a hot dog and Old Style beer and sigh as the Cubs get clobbered. With that characteristic honesty and irreverence, the entries serve as excellent starting points should one find oneself with only a day to spend in a sprawling international metropolis or far-flung outpost. Each city is highlighted with a photo a landmark, items on sale in a local market, a tram, locals and concentrated city highlights, with information on a museum, restaurant or activity. A common theme seems to be taking a leisurely approach to the day; there's no zipping around trying to see as many sights as possible. Instead, the suggestions include a good place for morning coffee, a stroll and a fine evening meal followed by gathering with friends. Perfect indeed.

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