With our troops mired in a difficult war overseas, natural disasters a seemingly more common occurrence, and violent crime an ongoing concern, many Americans are seeking an emotional respite. Joyce Meyer, who was named one of the most influential evangelical leaders in America by Time Magazine, offers a beacon of hope in her latest book The Power of Simple Prayer: How to Talk with God About Everything, coming next month. Using a straightforward teaching style, Meyer clearly depicts the ease with which a consistent, daily prayer life can bring comfort to our lives. Steering clear of vague generalizations and obscurities, Meyer details numerous characteristics of prayer, including what constitutes prayer (it's easier than you think!), Biblical examples of simple prayer, different types of prayer and hindrances to effective prayer. Meyer even address the physical aspects of prayer, encouraging readers not to feel they must conform to the accepted prayer posture kneeling, head bowed, hands clasped but instead to find their personal prayer comfort zone. Testimonials about answered prayer from Meyer as well as others infuse this prayer instruction book with a personal and inspirational feel.

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