Set in the late 19th century, The Prayer Chest by August Gold and Joel Fontinos is a story of fate, spirituality and mystery. The men in the Hutchinson family have a curse hanging over their heads that takes their lives at a young age. Joseph Hutchinson tries to outwit the curse, but his bargaining leads to his wife's death. He mourns by distancing himself from his two young children, Daniel and Mary, and his grief is compounded when he learns he's about to lose his farm. Desperate and angry, Joseph retreats to the attic, where he discovers a gift that profoundly touches lives: a wooden box that carries the message Bring your prayers to the Prayer Chest, my son, and all that you ask shall be answered one by one, and a book of instructions, written by a Hutchinson ancestor.

The characters soon understand that the magic of the chest comes from within. But can a man who's forgotten how to trust have faith that the Prayer Chest will save his family? With their livelihood and hearts on the line, Joseph, Mary and Daniel strive to embrace the power of their discovery and pray for miracles.

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