<b>The Quilter's Recipe Book</b> For an old-fashioned, tried and true hobby, consider the beauty and creativity reflected in a quilt. Though the fine handiwork of a quilt can seem intimidating, British quilting expert Celia Eddy says making a quilt is a bit like baking a cake. All you need is a list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions for putting them together. Eddy provides all that and more in <b>The Quilter's Recipe Book</b> a wonderful new collection suitable for both beginners and advanced quilters. In addition to a clearly illustrated section on the basics of quilting, Eddy includes patterns for 100 quilting blocks, from appliquŽs to log cabin blocks. Quilters will appreciate having so many traditional blocks compiled into one handy reference. From Bear's Paw to Bridal Path, these quilting blocks, each shown in a full-color photograph, should inspire idlers to pick up fabric and needle and cook up their own quilting masterpiece.

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