A few years ago, John Eldredge and the late Brent Curtis swept the Christian inspirational market with The Sacred Romance, a call to understand the Christian life as a story of adventure and romance, with ourselves as the objects of God's desire and God as the true object of ours. After the death of Brent Curtis, Eldredge continued to explore this theme in subsequent books dealing with the nature of our hearts, the love of God and the beautiful yet fallen world in which we live. The Ransomed Heart: A Collection of Devotional Readings takes excerpts from all these works, presenting them as a year's worth of daily devotional readings. While the words themselves are not new, the presentation offers an opportunity to consider key ideas in a fresh way. The result allows both fans of Eldredge and those new to his ideas to explore the deeper meanings of who we are and who God has made us to be. Uplifting, challenging and deeply refreshing, Eldredge's words make a worthy gift.

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