The Road to Cana
This historical novel is the second in Anne Rice's narrative imagining of the life of Christ - the first, Christ the Lord, became a surprise bestseller for the Vampire Chronicles author. As a maturing Jesus begins his ministry, he must struggle with temptation and the responsibilities of his divine powers.

The Triumph of Deborah
Inspired by the story of the fierce Hebrew heroine and prophetess, this novel follows Deborah in her encounters with a particular Israelite warrior and her resolution to bring military triumph to her people. Etzioni-Halevy has imagined the lives of Biblical characters such as Ruth and Hannah in previous works.

John: A Novel
A fictional portrayal of the last years of John, Niall Williams' story explores the exiled Christian community on the island of Patmos. In his hope to preserve the message of love before his own death and the extermination of Christianity, the aging apostle records his encounters with Jesus amid the turmoil of the Roman Empire in the first century.

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