When a vicious invader breaches the security of her underground home—the Sanctuary where she has lived for all of her 12 years—young Eva Nine is suddenly thrust above ground into an unknown and potentially dangerous world. It’s a world her mother, a robot appropriately dubbed Muthr, has long prepared her for, never really knowing when, or how, this moment would come.

Striking out as apparently the only human on the planet Orbona, Eva Nine meets several odd characters—including Rovender Kitt (a Jar Jar Binks-like alien) and a kindly water bear—who aid her travels and help her search for answers to who she really is. Her only clue? A crumbling picture of a girl, a robot and a human with the word “WondLa” still visible.
Through a series of amazing escapes and travels over lands with spectacular vistas and peopled with curious creatures, Eva—along with her companions and Muthr—journeys far from her once-safe home into an uncertain future.

Tony DiTerlizzi, the co-creator of the best-selling Spiderwick Chronicles, offers nods to Star Wars and Planet of the Apes as well as L. Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll in his breathtakingly exciting new novel—the first in a planned trilogy. The book, already optioned for a Paramount film, is laden with DiTerlizzi’s own lush graphic-novel-type illustrations and several “augmented reality” maps—which can be revealed in 3D on a computer.

Will DiTerlizzi’s latest serve as his launch pad for a leap from popularity to superstardom? Only time will tell, but The Search for WondLa is so utterly good, so compelling and so suspenseful that young readers won’t want to miss out on this fantastic journey.


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