Why is there such a special bond between women and horses? And how do horses sometimes seem to know what humans are thinking and feeling? Linda Kohanov explores these questions and provides an interesting guide to the psyche of the horse in The Tao of Equus: A Woman's Journey of Healing & Transformation Through the Way of the Horse. A riding instructor and horse trainer, Kohanov offers an insightful look at her experiences with horses and their role in the evolution of her equine-assisted therapy association.

Therapists like Kohanov have tapped the horse's ability to help victims face their wounds and use them for empowerment. She describes horses that have helped to reveal and heal the wounds of unimaginable acts of violence. Her portrayal of therapy sessions illuminates the process of recognizing, grieving and transmuting terror into understanding, acceptance and power.

The Tao of Equus is a journey worth taking. The book is wide-ranging, covering myths and stories, histories and mysteries that demand further exploration. Many horse people will find coherent descriptions of their own feelings and intuitions in Kohanov's writing, which is clear and well researched. Experienced riders know that their horses mirror them physically and mentally, and the author validates their suspicions that there is "more to it." Horses possess a previously indefinable something that horse whisperers know, and Kohanov describes those mysterious qualities quite eloquently. This inspirational book would make an excellent gift not only for horse lovers, but for anyone dealing with fundamental questions of grief, sadness and healing.

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