Got kids? Give them the best gift of all: an educational (just don't tell them that!) family trip. Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom, a contributor to ABC's Good Morning America, combines expertise in child studies and a love of travel to roam the world researching the quintessential family vacation. Result: The Travel Mom's Ultimate Book of Family Travel: Planning, Surviving, and Enjoying Your Vacation Together, a friendly, commonsense guidebook of essential strategies to make journeys with spouse and offspring in tow stress-free.

Kaufman believes that family travel yields precious moments, and to help those happen she touts 12 Golden Moment Rules (e.g., Don't Overschedule and Manage Your Expectations ). The second half of this book really shines, though, with detailed destination ideas and descriptions, from beach vacations and outdoor adventures to camping trips (an eye-popping list) and big-city excursions.

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