Anyone who believes Washington is awash in power sex will find ample support for their theory in Jessica Cutler's juicy roman ˆ clef, The Washingtonienne. When a lowly Hill staffer starts sharing her exploits with her friends via her blog, the whole world soon knows every intimate detail of her life. Jackie may be just a staff assistant, but she plays Washington's you use me, I use you game to the hilt. Breezing through men for sex, lines of cocaine and cold, hard cash, she's a waif with attitude. Author Cutler, a former Senate mail girl who grew infamous thanks to her own blog, cuts through the spin of inflated Washington egos with an edge as sharp as the heels of Jackie's Manolos. She delivers the dish and an insider's view of Washington's two favorite sports, and we don't mean baseball and the Redskins. Cutler also drops pseudonyms like crazy, leaving readers guessing who the characters (such as Bloggette ) really are. Savvy and sexy, this sizzler strips away the pompous, stodgy veneer of our capital city to prove that all Washington is political, from the boardroom to the bedroom. We just know this racy tale is going to be clucked over and tucked into every messenger bag and briefcase in the District.

Sandy Huseby wonders why Washington seemed so different way back when she was a Senate intern.

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