My Weather Channel love affair has long been a secret passion. When I travel, I flip on the hotel TV to find the Weather Channel. I catch the local weather on the 8s and tune in for weather in Europe, Florida, the Galapagos and even Antarctica. If the skies look menacing, I tune in for weather updates.

Until now, I thought only a few others shared my obsession, but The Weather Channel: The Improbable Rise of a Media Phenomenon assures me that other weather maniacs exist. Millions of people (actually 103 million people just like me) have helped The Weather Channel become one of the hottest media properties on the planet. In this fascinating book, Weather Channel founder Frank Batten describes the network's improbable rise as a media darling. He recounts the derision, the laughter, the high-stakes money problems and the ultimate success of the channel. Batten's blue-sky tale is also one of marketing genius, team leadership and belief in the power of a vision. We forecast good reading ahead.

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