Holding a kid's attention when you're trying to teach them something is all a matter of presentation, and the publishers of The World Almanac for Kids 2005 have the technique down cold. They do it with a combination of hip, colorful graphics and a keen insight into what youngsters are into these days. The almanac is divided into chapters that interest young readers, from space to sports, art to animals. You'll find plenty of right-this-minute cultural references, like rappers and sports stars, politicians and actresses, along with tons of information and facts. Each subject is dealt with in a few short, succinct paragraphs, accompanied by striking, colorful visuals. There's even a chapter on putting together a term paper, which you could probably do using only this book. The World Almanac for Kids 2005 is the kind of book kids or adults can read for hours, with every page containing a new surprise.

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