Although yo-yos have been around since 2500 B.

C., my friends and I have just discovered how much fun they can be! You may wonder how I know yo-yos were invented over 4500 years ago in China I learned this fact from The Yo-Yo Book. This handy little book (complete with a wooden yo-yo) is filled with everything you could ever possibly want to know about yo-yos from their history to how to join the American Yo-Yo Association. Did you know that there are actually two different yo-yo museums in the U.

S. and that the world's most expensive yo-yo brought $16,000 at an auction? These facts and trivia are included throughout the book. But the best part of the book is Chapter Five, Trick Time. It is filled with nearly 40 different tricks from the basic Sleeper and Walk the Dog to the advanced Criss Cross, a trick using two yo-yos. By following the simple step-by-step instructions and looking at the illustrations, I learned to do the Three Leaf Clover trick in the first fifteen minutes I had the book (with a little practice, of course!). My friends and I also quickly discovered several tricks we had never even heard of like Skyrocket and Lunar Eclipse. My favorite trick is Dragster. When I get it just right, my yo-yo rolls across the floor like a race car with the string humming. You should see my cat jump when my Dragster yo-yo zips by! It's probably one of the easiest tricks I've learned and definitely the most fun. Serious yo-yoers will want to upgrade from the wooden yo-yo that comes in the package, but it will satisfy beginners until they are ready to learn the more advanced tricks like Brain Twister. The box attached to the book is a pain, but overall the book is awesome. Read it and you'll be ready to yo-yo. So, ready, set, YO! Paul Steele just turned 13 years old and received a new Tiger Shark yo-yo for his birthday.

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