A friend of mine is always complaining about needing a personal assistant. Her car is a mess, she carries a 50-pound purse, and palm pilots, cell phones and bigger briefcases have failed to bring order to her chaos. If that situation sounds familiar, consult Brian Tracy's new book, Time Power, which promises to give you two extra productive hours per day. No time to read a book, you say? That's one of the first mental barriers to get past, says Tracy, because to keep up, you should be reading one hour a day in your chosen field. The book delivers a lecture about writing down goals and gives an overabundance of "16 ways to do this" and "8 steps for that," which can feel overwhelming. But the topics are great getting yourself organized, overcoming procrastination and avoiding major time wasters so you can pick and choose which chapters apply to you. My favorites include the 45-file system, tips on squeezing maximum productivity out of air travel (getting the right seat is key) and essential project management skills (a chapter that alone is worth $25). Tracy's favorite bit of advice is to make sure you get up early (5:30 or 6 a.m. at least) and spend the first hour of your day, the "golden hour," on yourself. Follow the action exercises at the end of each chapter, and soon you'll be more productive at work and home.

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