You've shopped and shopped for the perfect birthday present for Aunt Agnes, but to no avail. You need help, my friend, and you've come to the right place. What birthday gift is always in season, never spoils, and is just the right size? Books, of course! If you are in need of a birthday gift for Aunt Agnes, or anyone else, read on.

Our Oregon-based reviewer and outdoors expert Wes Breazeale suggests To the Summit for the outdoorsperson in your life. He writes the following: To the Summit is both a magnificent look at 50 of the world's most intriguing mountains and a fascinating exploration of the history of each mountain and the sport of climbing. With six sections representing each continent (Australia and Antarctica are combined), each chapter looks at an individual mountain and often includes profiles of famous climbers. Scattered throughout the book are anecdotal tales from people who have climbed the mountains, brief examinations of climbing gear and techniques, and bits of history from the world of mountain climbing. To the Summit would be an obvious favorite for anyone interested in climbing, but would also make a beautiful gift for any outdoor enthusiast, photography lover, or travel buff.

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