It's still a dangerous world out there. Despite the breakup of the Soviet Union, or perhaps because of it, there are plenty of powder kegs across the globe, waiting to be lit. Some of them are due to the dispersal of the weapons of a cash-poor U.S.


R.; some, like the Middle East, the horn of Africa, and Northern Ireland, will be with us always. Without doubt, the biggest threat to freedom worldwide is Communist China, a country seemingly capable of doing anything to further its aims, from stealing secrets to brutally repressing dissent within its borders.

It is into this mix that writer Patrick Robinson sends his latest protagonists over 100 of them the crew of the nuclear submarine U.S.

S. Seawolf. Assigned to a covert reconnaissance mission in the South China Sea, routine quickly becomes deadly, and following a tragic mishap, the Seawolf and its crew fall into the hands of the Chinese. It quickly becomes apparent that their captors have no intention of letting them go ever. What's worse, a member of their crew harbors a secret that, if discovered, would make the sub's capture pale in comparison.

The Seawolf's command crew knows they must hold their crew together until help arrives if it ever does but with personnel dying at the hands of the Chinese, they don't know how long they can hold out. It's up to a no-nonsense admiral, a disgraced colonel, and a crack team of Navy Seals to get the crew of the Seawolf out of their isolated prison before they are tortured into giving up the Seawolf's secrets. And what about the sub herself? Full of detail, U.S.

S. Seawolf will please the Tom Clancy/Technothriller crowd; its rousing climax coupled with a shocking ending will leave Robinson's fans hungry for his next book.

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