Throw away all your books on UFOs. Relieve yourself of those cumbersome volumes of alien research. Everything you need to know on the subject is here in UFOs and Ufology: The First 50 Years. Authors Paul Devereux and Peter Brookesmith have assembled an excellent and comprehensive collection of UFO history, accounts of alien contact, and locations of spottings, demonstrating an impressive grasp of the diverse and growing field of ufology. Through chronicling the many stories of unusual sightings and alien abductions some of them serious, others flat-out loony UFOs and Ufology also becomes a reflection of our consciousness: Why do people want to believe, and what are they looking for? What they should be looking for is this book, because when UFOs and Ufology lands in bookstores and libraries, it is sure to fly off of the shelves. Reviewed by Catherine Kuhnle.

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