Seeing science Dorling Kindersley has added yet another to their seemingly endless procession of beautiful science books. Ultimate Visual Dictionary of Science contains over 400 full-color pages of information about both the natural world and the technology around us. There are ten major sections, ranging from ecology to computers to medicine, addressing more than 15,000 terms which are handily cross-indexed throughout the text.

But as the title indicates, it is the illustrations that carry the burden fabulous photographs, models, paintings, cutaways, diagrams, each one lucidly explained in whole and in part. Everything from the Golgi body in cells to the arcane innards of a voltmeter are revealed and explained. Naturally such a range of topics requires historical background. The authors provide it painlessly, summarizing ancient theories, geographical movements, and the slowly (and sometimes quickly) evolving views of the universe and our place within it.

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