Video Hound's somewhat irreverent slant offers more than your average famous reviewer guide. There are 23,000-plus movies herein, rated on a one-to-four bone scale; particularly heinous movies earn a woof. What sets this massive volume apart, though, is its use of lists. You can locate films according to your favorite stars (John Wayne, 139 listings; Leonardo DiCaprio, 10), or a broad range of categories, such as firemen or lovable losers. Or see how prolific your favorite director, writer, cinematographer, even composer, has been. Video Hound's Golden Movie Retriever 1999, edited by Martin Connors and Jim Craddock, also contains an elaborate awards section, including the Golden Raspberry for the worst in filmdom. And there's an extensive listing of Web sites for us internuts. One small down note: Golden Movie Retriever's format can present some minor confusion. The reviews refer to the performers by their surnames; the full names are listed following each write-up. But that's just a small flea on this otherwise user-friendly Video Hound, a welcome gift under any cinemafile's holiday tree.

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