As a 13-year-old, Jay Liebowitz had already created and sold his own software program and begun investing his money in the stock market. In Wall Street Wizard, Liebowitz takes his knowledge and insight about the stock market and transforms it into a readable book for the young investor. Liebowitz starts by telling the reader all about the stock market, how it works, and what must be done to earn money. He covers a variety of subjects, including investing, starting a business, and understanding how our economy works.

The author devotes a big portion of the book to giving the reader tons upon tons of helpful and easy tips for finding the perfect investment. He also provides website addresses and other helpful information for looking up specific companies to see how they are doing on the market. Throughout the book, Liebowitz does an excellent job of making sure the reader doesn't get lost in what is being said. At the end of each chapter he provides an outline of the main topics covered. He also includes a glossary at the end of the book, defining important words used throughout. This easy-to-read and comprehensive guide shares the excitement of making money. It's sure to help the young investor get started early on the road to making it big.

Thomas Crawford, a high school freshman, invests his time in sports and writing at Goodpasture Christian School.

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