How-to books read by folks who already know how-to can't help but elicit rueful chuckles; imagine how a mechanic feels reading Car Repair for Dummies. Speaking as someone who's been married twice, once three decades ago, once last year (and who was ignorant both times), I found Peter Scott's Well Groomed to be full of laughs, some intentional, some not. Well Groomed subtitled A Wedding Planner for What's-His-Name (And His Bride) is deliberately tongue-in-cheek humorous. When Scott draws comparisons between Bride Magazin and Penthouse, the married groom (known as the husband), laughs and shakes his head, because he knows the truth behind the laughs. Scott also brings his wry insight to bear on such exotic subjects (to the male, anyway) as The Guest List, The Reception Menu and That Pesky Wedding Day Nausea.

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