The new school year can stir up lots of worries for kids. There are the usual ones: "Will my teacher like me?" or "Will I have friends?" And then there are more important concerns, such as: "What exactly goes on in my room when I'm at school?" or, "Just what sorts of trouble might my stuffed animals and dolls be getting into while I'm here enjoying myself at recess?" Curious kids might find the answer to these questions in a delightful new picture book entitled, What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day? Written by Swiss children's author and music specialist Bruno Hachler and brightly illustrated by German artist Birte Muller, this is the tale of one little girl determined to find out just what her favorite teddy bear gets up to while she's off at school during the day: "My teddy bear seems really sweet, / but maybe I've been fooled. /I wonder what he does all day when I am off at school." Curiosity gets the best of our heroine, so one day she stays home to spy on him. (Kids: Be forewarned. This excuse for skipping school won't work at home!) The little girl peers through the keyhole, climbs a nearby tree and looks through binoculars, and even tempts the teddy bear with his favorite television show, but she can't seem to catch him doing anything but sitting around without moving a muscle. Until, that is, she tries one last trick: "I have just one more plan to try. / I don't think I can miss. / I'll open up the honey jar - / I know he can't resist." With its contagious rhyme and bright pictures, this is a humorous story just right before bed or naptime, cuddling up together with, of course, a favorite teddy bear. Young children will be sure to giggle and chime in when they hear the refrain: "And now I'm gonna catch you!"

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