Is it possible to be too successful? Yes, says popular executive coach Marshall Goldsmith. It's all too common for a company's brightest stars to fade or even implode because the behaviors that helped them climb the mountain keep them from reaching the top. Companies pay Goldsmith big bucks to teach their best and brightest how to get rid of the everyday behaviors that drive their officemates nuts and sabotage their success. It's an investment that often costs $250,000. Fortunately, he captures his thoughtful advice in What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful.

Instead of requiring a personality overhaul or listing new skills to learn, Goldsmith identifies 20 simple day-to-day behavioral habits including playing favorites, not listening and displaying too much negativity that damage relationships. He advocates using the 360-degree feedback technique that gathers input from bosses, peers and direct reports to find the blind spots of behavior that others see and you don't.

Once you're aware of the issues, Goldsmith explains a three-step process to fix the problem, starting with apologizing. His advice is straightforward and easy to follow with concrete suggestions like fining yourself for every sentence you start with but. Losing a few bucks might hurt, but you'll see results whether you're a CEO or just getting started.

Stephanie Gerber is a marketing executive in Louisville.

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