Since the time of Job, no question has been more troubling to people of faith than, "Why doesn't God answer our prayers?" It's a question author Jerry Sittser has asked himself many times: his mother, wife and young daughter were killed by a drunk driver. In his book, When God Doesn't Answer Your Prayer, Sittser refers to this question as the "raw nerve in the Christian community." Reading those great prayers of faith in the Bible that resulted in marvelous, miraculous victories such as Daniel in the lion's den and Elijah on Mt. Carmel only add to the maddening frustration when we pray for a sick loved one who then dies, or for wisdom in a major decision only to receive no guidance. Sittser suggests that many of our prayers fall short because we want the problems to disappear, but not necessarily to be solved. God, he warns, is bigger than that.

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