Check out Where Did They Hide My Presents? Silly Dilly Christmas Songs featuring illustrations by the wacky, whimsical and wonderful David Catrow. Alan Katz has taken liberties with the holiday tunes you know, adding his own hilarious twists. If the season begins to get you down, sit down and start smiling with Catrow's illustration of a girl about to go onstage for her ballet recital, looking like a wide-eyed Cindy Lou right out of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Then hum a few bars of Katz's The Sugarplum Fairy, based on the tune of The Little Drummer Boy : Dance, they told me I'm the Sugarplum A Nutcracker fairy And I feel so dumb I hope I don't fall down And land on my bum . . . If the Christmas rush still feels overwhelming, try singing At the Malls instead of Deck the Halls : At the malls No parking spaces Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Can't we go home? Happy holidays and don't forget what Christmas is really all about! Alice Cary has been spotted in several New England malls humming her own versions of Christmas carols.

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