For many teens, the transition to high school may seem like a matter of survival. With a title that captures their worries, Where Should I Sit at Lunch?: The Ultimate 24/7 Guide to Surviving the High School Years provides insight and answers to commonly asked questions, including those dealing with parents, friendship, dating and sex. With information on puberty and body image, test-taking, jobs, time management and preparing for life away from home, authors Harriet S. Mosatche and Karen Unger also answer questions teens may not have thought of or may be too inhibited to ask on their own.

While the topics covered may be hard-hitting, the authors maintain a light, conversational tone, using occasional humor ( Dozing in class doesn't count as the nine hours of sleep you need ), quotes from teens who've been there, done that, tips from experts, and plenty of charts, checklists and quizzes. Their down-to-earth advice prepares teens to make wise decisions not only during high school, but throughout young adulthood.

Angela Leeper is an educational consultant and freelance writer in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

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