Sharon Creech, acclaimed author of numerous children's books including Ruby Holler and The Wanderer, has collaborated with Caldecott Medal winner David Diaz to produce a distinctive gift for new mothers. Who's That Baby? New-Baby Songs is a heartwarming volume of poems that pays tribute to the bond between parents and children. This beautifully illustrated book contains 16 selections that can be recited or sung. In pieces about parents, grandparents and special family times, Creech succeeds in creating a baby's sense of wonder the unique delight a child experiences as he or she first becomes aware of the world. Diaz's images stars, flowers and rosy-cheeked children punctuated by whimsical swirls of line and color provide a delightful balance to Creech's verse. A keepsake to be treasured for years to come, Who's That Baby? is the perfect pick for quiet time with the kids, and a wonderful way to send them off to sleep.

A little sister who's larger than life
Ross MacDonald, whose illustrations have appeared in the New Yorker, Newsweek and Vanity Fair, offers a bold romp through Babyland in Bad Baby. This colorful, eye-popping follow-up to MacDonald's beloved picture book Another Perfect Day continues the adventures of young Jack, the pint-sized protagonist who likes to fantasize about being a grown-up. Jack still has the ideal little-boy life there's plenty of baseball and a mountain of candy! but he is in need of a friend. When a new baby sister arrives, his problem is solved. Soon he and little sis are having tea parties, playing peek-a-boo and drawing pictures. But Jack's new playmate proves more than a handful, as she makes all kinds of mischief and lands him in big trouble. With its retro illustrations and 1950s feel, Bad Baby has all the makings of an old-fashioned kids' classic.

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