Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush are each best-selling authors on their own, but the Oregon sisters raise the stakes when they join forces to pen a terrifyingly suspenseful novel, Wicked Lies.

At a small hospital on the Oregon coast, nurse Laura Adderley is relieved to be getting a divorce, but devastated to discover that she and her ex-husband’s sole attempt to reconcile has resulted in a pregnancy. She’s even more appalled when she learns her onetime nemesis, the infamous psychotic killer Justice Turnbull, knows she’s carrying a child. She hears his voice in her mind—and she knows he’s coming for her and her unborn baby. Because Justice has escaped after murdering his jailers at Halo Valley Security Hospital . . . and retribution is his sole focus.

Fortunately for Laura, reporter Harrison Frost is following a lead on a news story about Turnbull’s escape. At first, Harrison only wants information from the pretty nurse, but before long he’s committed to stopping Turnbull. Because if he can’t, Laura will be dead.

Wicked Lies is a riveting, can’t-put-it-down, heart-pounding good read. If you love suspense with enough twists and turns to tie you into knots, this one’s for you.

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