The wild life Wild Discovery Guide to Your Cat: Understanding and Caring for the Tiger Within and Wild Discovery Guide to Your Dog: Understanding and Caring for the Wolf Within ($24.95, 1563318059) are the perfect gifts for pet lovers, but they offer something for everyone. The 300 superb photographs of dogs and cats in domestic life and in the wild provide visual delight for any age reader. For the student, the books offer clear, authoritative information for a school report. Would-be and new pet owners can learn everything they need to know in detailed instructions on how to select, care for, and understand dogs or cats. Author Margaret E. Lewis, Ph.

D., specializes in the behavior and evolution of carnivores and provides scientific information for dog and cat fanciers. In her introduction, Elizabeth Marshall, Thomas, anthropologist and author of popular books on dogs and cats, writes [this] new material with old wisdom . . . is a window on the natural world.

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