<B>Let's get together</B> Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher are the authors of the unpretentious and popular Friday "Tastings" column in <I>The Wall Street Journal</I>. They're not wine critics, in the traditional sense, but populists, and unofficial cheerleaders for the wine culture. Their new book, <B>Wine for Every Day and Every Occasion: Red, White, and Bubbly to Celebrate the Joy of Living</B>, is full of reader recommendations, anecdotes about first holidays together, restaurants they have dined at and ways to have fun with wine parties including a list of questions to "start the fun," such as "What did Hannibal Lector consider the perfect wine with liver?" Clearly, Gaiter and Brecher are a matter of personal taste (sorry). The book's chatty tone sometimes verges on the self-congratulatory (gee, we're famous!), but there is some good information to be gleaned. In fact, the discussion of wine wedding showers and how much wine is needed at a reception might make this a useful gift for the newly engaged.

<I>Eve Zibart is a restaurant reviewer for the</I> Washington Post <I>and author of</I> The Ethnic Food Lover's Companion.

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