Making business personal Few people have had the impact on the American business community that John C. Maxwell has had. The founder of the Maximum Impact leadership events, Maxwell writes with authority about the need for business people to embrace a new paradigm for success. To achieve success in any venture, whether professional or personal, it is imperative that you learn to work with people, he writes in his latest book, Winning With People: Discover the People Principles that Work for You Every Time. Here, Maxwell offers 25 "People Principles" that anyone can learn to help create win-win relationships. Each "People Principle" comes with discussion questions to help readers examine how well they relate to the people in their lives. The most important principle, the "Big Picture Principle," is to recognize that the entire population of the world, with one minor exception, is composed of others. In other words, it all begins with a relationship.

Mike Parker writes from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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