The stories in Tim Russert's Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons come from people you've never heard of, about dads you've never known unless they look remarkably like your own. After the publication of his memoir about his father, Big Russ &andamp; Me, NBC commentator Russert began receiving letters from thousands of readers, all sharing memories of their own fathers. He selected and edited these letters into a series of deeply moving stories about fathers and fatherhood, as told by their children. None of these fathers or children is famous, except perhaps in their own towns, but the book may be all the richer for that. Reading it you see how everyday lives touch and teach others in ways both familiar and profound. In this book you will find laughter and tears, folly and wisdom, and rediscover how we learn from each. Woven throughout are Russert's own experiences with his father and son, serving as a connecting thread that carries the reader through the book. Wisdom of Our Fathers is powerful and touching, tapping right into the heart. This book should not be missed by anyone who is a father or ever had one.

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