Now that your team of explorers feels comfortable with cities and maps, and knows the rules of safe travel, let them tour the country . . . without you. In the meantime, grab some iced tea, put your feet up, and enjoy their trip as they send you postcards from every state. This is what young Emily does in Wish You Were Here: Emily's Guide to the 50 States. Kathleen Krull's witty text and illustrations by award-winning Amy Schwartz celebrate the fascinating idiosyncrasies of each state in our nation. Schwartz's illustrations accurately accent Emily's observations. In a tone that a teen would respect and a little one could understand, Emily and her grandmother wind their way around the country and entice readers with their findings: "Pennsylvania is the world's mushroom capital, the place where crayons come from, and the state where I learned why the Fourth of July is so important." Emily's frequent allusions to relevant literature and a thorough index of resources offer curious readers a way to pursue their interests as well as valuable information for reports in school. Reviewed by Anna Claire Straughan.

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