Moving from lunch in the dorm cafeteria to lunch at Chez Henri with the boss is a transition that green professionals can make with the help of Work 101: Learning the Ropes of the Workplace Without Hanging Yourself. Author Elizabeth Freedman, an MBA and corporate career consultant, gets nitpicky with the newly hired, helping draw the fine lines of the workplace, like the difference between dress casual and too casual, or what you meant to say in e-mail vs. what you actually said. Her business rules cover all aspects of work conduct, from making a great first impression, building relationships with bosses and co-workers, showcasing strengths in meetings, mastering business communication and getting promoted or leaving a job without setting a bridge on fire. The corporate survival strategies are amusing and crucial for the young and hapless (if you have to ask, forget both the thong and Hawaiian shirt on casual Fridays) and help the experienced readjust their business hats, too.*

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