How to get started in a career when the very notion of career is changing is the subject of Work This Way by Bruce Tulgan. The author runs a think tank devoted to the work lives of those post-Baby Boomers labeled "Generation X." The media image is of "slackers," but if 20-somethings follow the career plans offered in this book, which involve self-starting, continual education and all-around aggressiveness, they'll prove themselves the hardest-working generation in memory. Starting with trends such as permanent downsizing, the rise of temporary employment and the increase in small business start-ups, Tulgan makes the point that more than ever people need to be entrepreneurial and creative about their careers. The changing job market offers more risks and rewards. People have to learn how to negotiate, keep their options open and keep learning. Tulgan provides lots of lists and mini-case studies of young people struggling and succeeding. His relentlessly upbeat advice is general but not vague. While directed to young people getting started, there's worthy advice here for everyone in the work world.

Reviewed by Neil Lipschutz.

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