Does your dream home have a green roof and a rainwater harvesting system? Will you propose marriage over organic wine and sustainably grown vegetables? Have you sworn your next car will get at least a hundred miles to the gallon? If so, prepare to swoon over Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century edited by Alex Steffen. If, however, you just want to keep doing things the same way your grandparents did, do not buy this book. Worldchanging will challenge even the most green, most socially conscious liberal to completely rethink her day-to-day habits, especially where she spends her money, and it is rich in resources for people who want to build and furnish a greener home from the ground up. This book goes far beyond the usual diatribes to recycle and save water; it celebrates futuristic designs that allow the eco-conscious to save bundles of energy and lower emissions while living better lives. Worldchanging is so well written, so up-to-date, and so comprehensive in its information, tree-huggers will want it on their shelves for decades to come.

Lynn Hamilton writes about environmental issues from Tybee Island, Georgia.

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