How's this for confidence? Authors Chris Crowley and Harry Lodge begin their new volume on helping women age well by declaring, This is a book that can change your life. Turns out, they can back up that claim, as they demonstrated in their 2005 bestseller Younger Next Year. This year, they return with a follow-up that specifically targets feminine concerns about aging, Younger Next Year for Women. By dispensing advice on how to live a fit and healthy life (rather than how to beat the clock and erase the wrinkles), Crowley and Lodge are doing the women of America a big favor. Their basic premise is that women get better and more powerful with age, and they should take care that their bodies do as well. The vibrant advice about the best physical activities for women (biking and swimming rank high) may actually inspire you to dust off that bike helmet, and the common-sense approach to moderation in eating is spot-on. It's hard to imagine a more fun, smart and compelling book on the subject of women and aging. If implementing the wisdom in Younger Next Year for Women is half as entertaining as reading it, getting older is about to get a lot easier.

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