Fred Pohl is one of the grand masters of science fiction and fantasy. His collaborations with Kornbluth in the '50s, his editorship of the leading science fiction magazines in the '60s, and his Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Gateway novels in the '70s and '80s are ample evidence of his high standing in the genre. With O Pioneer! (Tor, $21.95, 0312861648), Pohl once again demonstrates his special ability to evoke a sense of wonder. Evesham Giyt and his new wife are immigrants on the colony world of Tupelo, which is inhabited by five different alien species. Giyt achieves the dubious distinction of becoming the political mayor of the colony whereupon he discovers a treacherous plot by the humans that can only be stopped through Giyt's sacrifice. Pohl has scored again with this novel.

Reviewed by Larry Woods.

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