Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and what better gift for kissers of all ages than A Book of Kisses? There are all kinds of kisses in the world, begins the book, as author Dave Ross takes a lighthearted, yet affectionate look at a variety of kisses.

And at long last, some of them have names. Some are obvious, such as Sick-in-bed kisses, and Good morning kisses, while others have multiple names, like Brother and sister kisses, otherwise known as Ew yuck! kisses. With just the right amount of humor, Laura Rader's illustrations add warmth and affection to the already fun text. Although the adults might enjoy the sentiment, the kids will no doubt enjoy the added giggles in Rader's drawings, such as the comic book tucked behind the pillow in the Turning-out-the-light kisses. For the young and not-so-young alike who might be leery of a book full of smooches, this well-suited author/illustrator team knows that kisses come in various forms, such as Tummy kisses and Underwater kisses. This lip-smacking picture book is sealed with kisses from around the world, a kisu (Japanese), a busu (Swahili), and a pog (Gaelic). For those looking to avoid a trip to the dentist, this book and a kiss in any language would make a very sweet Valentine's Day present.

Katie McAllaster Weaver is a children's writer and mother in Benicia, California.

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