I well remember the days when only elite runners participated in the few marathons held in select cities across the U.S. When women finally gained entrance to these hallowed, all-male events (and that wasn't so long ago), runners still had to submit a respectable time to qualify for many venues. Marathoning was serious business then. How times have changed. Now, participants range from elderly walkers to the young and overweight. All congregate with elite runners to enjoy the marathon experience. So, whether you're a novice runner or a regular marathon participant, The Running Times Guide to Breakthrough Running will help you achieve your personal best. Authors Gordon Bakoulis and Candace Karu believe the definition of breakthrough running applies to all runners, not just elite athletes. And, since runners now come in all shapes and sizes, the authors' goal of taking your performance to the next level whatever that is for you, gives hope to the newcomer as well as the experienced runner. The book is divided into three parts. Each includes contributions from an all-star cast such as Joan Benoit Samuelson, Pete Pfitzinger, Roy Benson, and Rich Benyo.

Part I, Breakthrough Training, shows how to create a training mindset, improve biomechanics, periodize training for peak performance, build a base, learn about endurance and lactate-threshold training, eat to train, and more.

Part II, Breakthrough Racing, offers everything from discovering the racer in you to preparing for race distance, peaking, planning race tactics, and fueling your body.

Part III, Break-through Recovery, coaches you on the need for rest and recovery, reducing injury risk, building rest into training, and balancing your energies.

The Running Times Guide to Breakthrough Running is the definitive guide on the subject. And, for those who want further information, the book includes a helpful bibliography, as well as information about each contributor. Read this one before your next marathon.

Pat Regel runs in Nashville.

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