Making nice In the world of networking, schmoozing, or even asking someone out on a date, first impressions can still make or break you. That's where How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less comes in. This small, easy-to-read book gives you the basics for meeting and greeting with confidence. Author Nicholas Boothman, a former fashion and advertising photographer turned master neuro-linguistic programmer, aims his advice at establishing rapport that sometimes awkward stage between meeting and communicating.

It seems obvious that people are naturally drawn to others like themselves, so the key in establishing rapport is to learn how to become like them. Each person you meet is like a puzzle, and without being overtly obvious, the goal is to align your behavior with his or hers. Focusing on this concept of synchrony, Boothman's has developed a four-part plan for establishing rapport. First, start with a positive attitude; next, naturally mirror the other person's attitude, body language, and voice; ask the right type of questions to get the conversation going; then read the other person's sensory preferences (sight, sound, or touch) and adjust accordingly. It may not sound simple, but more than likely you're already doing most of this and don't realize it. If not, Boothman provides easy practice exercises to get you in the habit of synchronizing naturally. Whether it's business, social, or personal, 90 Seconds will soon have you on your way to becoming a rapport-creating pro.

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