Porcine ponderings Bruce Lansky has done it again: created a book of poems that'll make you cry. Cry from laughing so hard, that is.

It starts out innocently enough, this book called If Pigs Could Fly . . . and Other Deep Thoughts. Parents will snatch it up, thinking they have purchased a book of deep, meaningful philosophical Ðisms for children that will develop their minds and character. Well, okay. Whatever.

Don't worry, kids. Embrace this book, thank your folks, and prepare to get the last laugh. Lansky covers a variety of relevant subjects, including "Sibling Madness," "Parents and Other Geezers," and "Love and Other Diseases." Lansky knows the only things your brother is willing to share are his streptococcus germs; your sister's feet stink; and that love can run a vicious circle.

The poems are short and to the point. Uh, and deep and all that.

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