Promi is a good thief, maybe one of the best. Armed with only a knife (which he usually steals), he squeaks by, stealing pies, cakes and other sweets to survive. But then he makes a big mistake. In Atlantis Rising, the new book by best-selling author T.A. Barron, Promi makes an enemy of Deputy High Priest Grukkar, and then steals a smackberry pie right out from under the Divine Monk. While enjoying the stolen pie, Promi is caught by Grukkar and thrown into the deepest, darkest dungeon in Ellegandia. It is here, however, that his true adventure begins.

In the dungeon, Promi meets a dying man, a beaten prisoner and a woman with a strange companion. He escapes from the dungeon through mysterious means and awakes as a Listener. The last of his kind, Promi now can influence the world around him, but only at great personal cost.

Atlantis Rising explores a rare mythology—it’s not about the sinking of Atlantis, but instead about the origins of the island. Barron, author of many acclaimed fantasies, creates a story that is thrilling from the opening pages, weaving together magic, prophecy, mythology, selfishness and sacrifice. Readers will be fascinated with the world of Ellegandia, and will want to know more—not only about the mythical island it becomes, but also about those who inhabited this magical place before it sank.

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